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Google and Yelp Reviews

"I can't say enough good things about Tom as a tennis coach. He excels in breaking down difficult concepts to young kids so they can learn easily and quickly. My son started lessons at age 5 and within one year, he is already holding his own against kids several years older. He LOVES going to lessons since Tom always makes it fun, but he's learning every minute too. I can't count how many parents have asked where my son takes lessons, and I don't hesitate to recommend Tom."

                                                                                                                                                       -Kristin Kanger (google review)



"I started taking lessons with Tom last spring. within few weeks i moved from beginer to intermediate. He has an excellent way to break down the techniques, until its well understood. once mastered, we moved on to something else. Every time we met, we started with review to what we learned last lesson, then we added more , which really helped me improve much faster. He was very organized, professional and punctual."

- Nadera Elkarmi (google review)



"Tom Koziol is an excellent tennis instructor. He is up on the latest techniques, and can go beyond the basics to help me understand the physics involved with making the ball behave in certain ways. He is personable, communicates well, is always punctual, and definitely gives you your money's worth. I'm a mature female who was looking to improve my game, but also observed him to be equally good with youths."

-Eva Wendt (google review)



"My boys are 8 and 10 and I thoroughly researched tennis lessons in my area to find him. He is outstanding and instantly connected with my 8 and 10 year old boys. He is professional and on time as well as flexible. The boys had never had a lesson and they worked their little tushes off! They are working the entire time. I am a soccer coach and athlete and very impressed by Tom."

-Lisa Bader (google review)



"My husband is an avid tennis player but I had never learned, I came to Tom not even knowing how to hold a racket at the age of 30. He was very enthusiastic, patient, and knows the psychology of motivational coaching. I have worked with him for two seasons and enjoyed all of it. I now play on a doubles team with my husband, and he is very impressed with the level of play we achieved in such a short time. Occasional we see other coaches and their students on the courts next to us, I was intimidated and put off by many other coaches that yell and use negative language to train. When we have children I would love for them to learn tennis from Tom."

-Siobahn Hruby


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