An official vendor for Donnay USA. Every racquet in the Donnay line is available. The most popular racquets sold are the Formula 100 series. Donnay racquets are famous for being "foam filled" provided extra vibration dampening to prevent injuries. Prices vary, but typically fall between the $180 and $230 range. This includes the strings. 


An official vendor for Volkl. Cyclone strings are offered in a variety of gauges. All stringing is done by Tom who has years of experience as a racquet technician. Cyclone is a very special co-poly string. It is gear-shaped and grabs the ball like no other. It comes in a super soft 19g all the way up to the thicker more durable 16g. Racquet stringing fees are always $25.



Services include:

- Racquet weight modification (can be matched to .10 gram accuracy).

-Racquet sales

-Racquet stringing

-Grips, dampeners, and other accessories

-Almost anything can be done with a racquet, just ask!

Do you ever feel like you can't trust a salesman?

You can rest assured that you are not being sold junk. I only sell what I use. I hit exclusively with a Donnay racquet as well as Volkl Cyclone strings. I have found that the Donnay racquets really do absorb more impact. I go home without a sore shoulder/wrist. I've tried many strings, but none can match the spin and durability I get from Volkl Cyclone. I fully back these products, so its all I carry in stock in my pro shop.


Seriously, they are that good.



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